Monthly Supply of Handy Antiviral Hand Sanitizer

You need hand sanitizer, we've got you.

  • Choose the number of sanitizer sprays that works best for you... or a friend, and we'll deliver them monthly.
  • Say Hello to a reliable supply of our quick-absorbing, multi-purpose seriously good sanitizers.
  • Say Goodbye to sticky, moisture-robbing sanitizer gels and sprays.
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Shipping Details

Your first box ships within 1 to 4 days. Subsequent boxes ship on the 4th of every month. Please order by the end of the month to get the current box.

Our Mission

It's easy to get scared and buy as much hand sanitizer as possible during a pandemic. But that's not you. Or us. When we couldn't find any at a decent price, we made one... and then created a subscription service to ensure everyone has reliable and convenient access to effective sanitizer.