JOFF Tap and Shower Cleaner, 250ml

by hangoverhelpmate

M.R.P.: ₹ 210.00

Price: ₹ 179.00

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  • Item part number: TCS1
  • ASIN: B0723GF1TQ

Product Description

Unfortunately more than 75 percent of India gets hard water to use. Hard water is an abundant form of water which consists of minerals like calcium and magnesium. This hard water when dries off leaves behind hard, off-white, chalky deposit on the surface called lime scale. When soap/detergent mixes with hard water it leads to the formation of soap scum. Jiff tap and shower cleaner works by dissolving the lime scale and soap scum to reclaim the lost shine in 2 minutes. Not suitable for acid sensitive surfaces like marble, enamel showers, aluminium, natural stones or zinc-plated metals, hot or damaged surfaces, textiles, carpets etc. Always test on a hidden area to ensure compatibility with surfaces.

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