How To Start Your Very Own Cleaning Business In India

by hangoverhelpmate

So, you want to start your very own cleaning business in India? Well, the thought might seem pretty absurd in the beginning, but if taken seriously, one might end up with a very good business module. When comparing with the rest of the world, in India, professional cleaning has a very viable and sustainable business proposition. With human beings still on the planet, the requirement for regular clean-up is almost like a necessity.

Here is a list of all the key points that should be taken into consideration while opting for professional cleaning service:

1) Choose Your Business Module

This is a huge decision when it comes it cleaning business. One first need to decide whether you want to opt for individual service or start a franchise. Figuring out this at the very beginning would help you save up a lot of time. Opting for individual service have all the pros and cons within themselves. As an individual, you have all the freedom that you can get. While on the other hand if looking at a long-term perspective, then start a franchise for cleaning services might seem like a better idea.

2) Choose The Market Segment

After choosing your business module, it is now time to figure out which market do you want to target. The choices are very easy, to begin with. If you wish to target the consumer segment or the commercial segment. Going for both the markets can only be done if you are starting a franchise.

3) Figuring Out The Capital Required

Whether you are an individual or franchise, capital is always required for any professional cleaning business. The total expenditures that are to be needed for advertisement, marketing, seeking out employees, and whatnot. Since this is a low investment business, it generally requires less number of people, which in turn helps to get financial support from “Public Sector Banks” pretty quickly.

4) Rounding Up All The Associated Costs

Whenever you are thinking about start up a small business, rounding off all the associated costs is very crucial. These costs also include acquiring some of the useful cleansing business licenses such as:

  • Getting a Digital Signature Certificate from Ministry Of Corporate Affairs.
    This generally takes up as long as five days to complete the entire procedure.
  • Incorporating your business with INC-29.
    Filing INC-29 is accompanied by the payment required for requisite incorporations and stamp duties.
  • Getting the company name from Registrar of Companies(ROC)
  • Getting your Tax Account Number (TAN) by filing the form 49B.

5) Abiding The Labour Laws

Whenever you are starting your office cleaning business or house cleaning business, it should be kept in mind that the business is highly associated with manual labour. Starting the business in India means you have to abide by all the labour laws strictly. The first and foremost thing that needs to be done is to apply for a labour license. Once that is done, then the employees are to be covered with all the job security schemes, including occupational health hazards, maternity as well as an accidental death.

6) Getting Your GST Number

This is one of the most crucial things, that needs to be done. Whatsoever be your business, GST number is mandatory. According to the government of India, 18% GST is applied to all the cleansing services.


This is the better ending of the entire article. As long as you are going correctly through all the legal procedures, and get your business all up and running, the revenue is much higher. Due to the lower investment required, the chances of potential loss is meagre too. Along with all the revenue, you will also be getting a pretty flexible work hour. The call for work might be any time of the day, but comparing with each individual, the job could be both part-time as well as full-time.

Once you start to provide quality service, your customers are going to do the advertising for you. This, in turn, would help you with exponential growth for your business.

Just go with the flow, and stick to your schedule, and in turn, you are going to be rewarded with an excellent profit.


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