How to find the best house cleaning service?

by hangoverhelpmate

Bringing someone in who isn’t a part of a proper cleaning service company carries with it a number of risks. “But, it’s cheaper to rent an under-the-table charwoman for cash!” are some things I often hear. Funny enough, I always advise people to rent that charwoman if price is their main concern, and if things go well, keep her close. But, when things don’t go well, that’s once you usher in a service company. Sure, it’s costlier , but there are many, many benefits, you get from bringing during a professional company. So, here are ten belongings you should consider when you’re looking to rent a cleaning service company.

1. Get Referrals From Family & Friends.

Start by asking friends and family who they use – referrals offer you an indoor check out what a corporation is all about – not just what they assert on their website (let’s be honest, a corporation can write anything). Companies can make themselves sound amazing, credible and experienced, but a referral from a lover or family can paint a special picture and carries more weight.

2. Take Online Reviews With a Grain of Salt.

Happy people don’t tend to write down as many reviews as unhappy people that feel compelled to shower the planet with their terrible experiences. Remember, oftentimes, those reviews are people using it as a chance to vent, blow a story out of proportion, or attempt to damage the reputation of the corporate . If a corporation has ALL terrible reviews, that’s definitely a red flag, but if they need mostly good reviews and a couple of bad ones, that’s pretty average. nobody is ideal .

3. Experience, Affiliations & Accreditations.

How long have they been in business? Does the corporate have any awards, accreditations, or affiliations with professional organizations? I prefer to seem out for this because it makes me feel reassured that a corporation is trustworthy and anxious with their reputation.
In my company’s case, we’ve won three awards and that we are a member in excellent standing with the higher Business Bureau. These are things we’ve worked hard to get and tout proudly as a corporation. It shows our staff, clients, and potential clients, that we’ve done everything we will supply exceptional service. to offer this a touch more context, there are a couple of companies here in Toronto that have a nasty reputation and easily close and re-open under another name. So, checking in to those affiliations lends credibility to a company’s desire to stay in good standing with their customers.

4. Bonding, Insurance & Worker’s Compensation.

Does the corporate have the power to hide the prices of any damage done to your home, any theft, or if an injury occurs on your property? If they don’t have this coverage, you’ll get on the hook for the money, items were stolen, property damaged, or an injured worker. a corporation should be willing to inform you if they need this coverage and supply copies of their policies at your request.

5. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Be sure to ask about breakage, damage, and satisfaction guarantees – a corporation should stand behind its work and its workers. If you’re not happy as a client, what are they prepared to try to for you, how will they create it right.

It’s just a fact of life – things will break. The way we’ve always handled it’s to be highly responsive, sincerely apologetic, and fix anything, at any cost. This sounds crazy, and that I know many companies don’t do that. They tell the client to say it under their own homeowner’s policy or chalk it up to an unavoidable mistake.
If you’re not proud of the cleaning, what is going to the corporate offer you? A touch-up? Free cleaning? Nothing? Companies have different policies about this so determine what recourse you’ve got if you’re not proud of the extent of service you’ve received.

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