House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services

Hangover Helpmate - The Leading House Cleaning Company in India

Our house cleaning services include:

One Time Cleaning Services

Our one time cleaning services are always customized according to your requirements. Hangover Helpmate aims to fulfill the individual demand of every homeowner regarding cleaning their houses. Our efficient cleaners are always willing to reach your place to clean up your house prior to the holidays. We will clean your home as per your specifications so that you can relax totally. We also specialize in cleaning house before or after you move out in an environmentally friendly way. Our team of experts make the best use of eco-friendly and cutting-edge tools to clean your house inside and out. We put maximum efforts to ward off all dirt and dust from your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, window, floor, living areas and other space.

Once you opt for our one time cleaning services, you do not need to think about the outcomes. Our professional cleaning services ensures to clean each of every corner of your home and make it look flawless once again. For us, customer satisfaction matters the most. Thus, we ensure to make you happy at any cost through our premium one time cleaning services.

Water Tank Cleaning Services

Hangover Helpmate owns expertise in cleansing water tanks entirely by out and out professional cleaning services. When the germs and impurities in water gets accumulated in the base of your tank, it turns out to be a breeding source of bacteria and mosquitoes. This can cause several diseases, making it difficult for you and your family to lead a healthy life at your own house. In such a critical and unhealthy situation, cleaning your tank becomes a necessity to live healthily. By availing our water tank cleaning services at the right time, you can boost its durability to a large extent.

The excessively strong capacity of water can increase the chances of it becoming stagnant at the bottom of tank. This leads to multiplication of bacteria inside the water in your tank that fails to fulfill your daily household needs. Hangover Helpmate is there to save you from contaminated water via our premium water tank cleaning services at reasonable rates.

Kitchen Cleaning Services

Kitchen is one of the most integral parts of your home and needs to be thoroughly clean as you prepare food over there. At Hangover Helpmate, the cleaning experts can remove every dirt and stain from your cabinets, appliances, counters, floors, dishwashers, back splashes, sinks, faucets, interiors and exteriors. Our highly trained professionals implement the latest cleaning equipment to cleanse each of every corner of your kitchen. We assess your kitchen fully to plan precisely regarding the tasks to be done.

Our cleaning experts do everything that it takes to sustain the topmost standards on our activities and meet all your requirements on time. We strive hard to reach every hidden parts of your kitchen, where bacteria and impurities can form. To maintain the ultimate level of hygiene in your cookhouse, opt for our professional kitchen cleaning services to get the best results at affordable price.

Floor Scrubbing Services

Despite cleaning your floor on a regular basis, a layer of dust forms over your floors. Our top-notch floor scrubbing services is the best solution to get rid of the calculated dirt from your floors. Hangover Helpmate comes with the professionals who clean and scrub your floor to remove dirt and stain from each of every pore to bring back the lost shine. We use state-of-the-art equipment like hand scrubbing machine or brush, buckets, mops, dusters, dry or wet vacuum cleaner to carry out the task.

Our floor scrubbing services are meant for tiles, marble, mosaic, wooden and other types of flooring. We ensure you to remove all sorts of scratches from the exterior and make your floor as smooth as possible. Once you hand over the responsibilities of floor scrubbing, the flooring of your entire house is ought to sparkle like never before.

Professional cleaners will have access to top-notch cleaning products and equipment. Your standard vacuum won't dry that carpet that got soaked when a pipe burst. And it would take more than a store-bought air freshener to get a heavy smoke or burnt-substance smell out of a room.

Carpet Cleaning Services

We are a recognized house cleaning agency that can cleanse your carpet perfectly. Our high-quality cleaning eradicates the dirt and debris into your carpet fibers and increases the lifespan of your carpet. Our professionals use the latest tools and equipment to do steam cleaning of your carpet. To remove the most difficult stains, we implement specialized techniques. We lower down the temperature of your building to decrease humidity and accelerate the drying process.

We ensure to provide you with a deep and long-playing carpet cleaning services to enhance the safety inside your home. The clean carpet you get promotes healthy ambience inside your house. Our professionals are capable of extracting out dirt from deep inside your carpets. As we use the most effective extraction tools, your carpet is ought to get cleaned from every aspect. Due to no left residue on your carpet, it stays clean and intact for long.

Chimney Deep Cleaning

Hangover Helpmate offers an all-inclusive chimney deep cleaning services to gift you a safe and comfortable living. With every passing day, creosote and soot gets accumulated inside chimneys that increases the risk of fire. Thus, cleaning your chimney on a frequent basis is a prerequisite. Our professional chimney deep cleaning services comprises of chimney leak repair, relining, rebuilding, caps installation, blockage removal and others.

We ensure timely and dedicated chimney cleaning and repairing assistance. Our experts help you to keep your chimney fully clean and in a proper working condition so that your kitchen stays free of hazardous fumes and smoke. Avail our chimney cleaning services as required to enjoy a protected and hygienic ambience at your home.

Are you looking for cheap home cleaning services? Get in touch with Hangover Helpmate right away. Our team of experts are always ready to fulfill all your house cleaning requirements on time. If you have any queries regarding our services, feel free to ask us anytime.

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