11 handy tips to keep your home clean and organized everyday

Who doesn’t like to see a clean and organized home everyday. But you often fail to achieve it. When you enter in your home at the end of a long day, and find unwashed dishes, kids toys in living room, pile of clothes on the chair an so on, you go crazy. Such scenes are not at all calming. You usually wait for the weekends to clean your home and put things in order. But if you devote some little time everyday, then you can make your home look tidy and systematic each day.

Your maid or domestic help does the daily mopping and cleaning but there are few things which you need to do yourself to keep your home organized and in place. Incorporate these 11 simple home cleaning and organizing habits in your routine and improve your home’s interior:

Make your bed

When you get up in the morning make it a habit to pull the sheets and cover up neatly to dress your bed. Though this task appears overwhelming to you, but it makes your room look very organized. Do not wait for your mom or any other person to do it.  It’s your bed so take care of it.

A quick organisation of washroom

Once you are done with brushing and bathing, keep the closed shampoo bottle and other toiletries in place. Run the wiper on the wet floor and wipe out water in the washroom. Put your clothes in the laundry bag. This will not take more than 3-4 minutes but will definitely leave your washroom a lot organized.

Throw dirty clothes in laundry bag and not on couch

As soon as you change your clothes any time, either put it in the laundry bag (for washing) or hang it on the hooks. Do not throw them on your chair. This action will not take even a minute.

Place item back on shelf after using

If you pick any item from a shelf or a rack, make it a habit to keep it back after use. This will be very useful tip for kitchen and study room. Make sure that after cooking you keep all the ingredient, dishes and containers back into place.This does not take time and keeps your home very organized.

Daily dusting is easy

If you are a working person then it is not possible to dust your entire house everyday. What you can do is pick a room each day and dust it. It will not take more than 10 minutes. A dust free room not only looks clean but it is healthier too.

No shoe rule in home

The dirt and dust that enter your home through shoe can surprise you. This dust gets accumulated on you furniture and floor. So to overcome this issue make a “no shoe rule” in your home. Make a room or corner in your home where you can remove your shoes before entering in your house.

Take help of your kids

It is very important to teach your kids do their everyday chores. Make it their habit to organize books, clothes and toys. Inculcate in their habit to put toys back in the toy basket or any designated place, keep books in the book shelve after homework and hang their clothes on hook.

Organize your couch

When you get up from your couch or chair, just keep the rugs and cushions in palace. It will take only a minute.

Soak dirty dishes in sink

Soak dirty dishes in sink and do not leave them on table. No matter who does the dishes, your maid or you, make it a habit to rinse the dishes with plain water before keeping them in sink. By rinsing the dishes immediately, you wash away the food matter and debris that would otherwise dry and harden.

Put items in boxes to control clutter

If you do not manage the clutter daily, it builds up. Make a habit to reduce clutter in your home. For example whenever your walk in a room and see a coffee cup lying on the table put it sink, remove the shirt relaxing on the couch and hang it on hook, put the shoes resting below your bed back in the shoe rack, place the TV remote at the designated place (so that you and others can find it next time), etc. Designate boxes for items like mobile charges, wires, books, newspapers, toys etc. to reduce clutter.

Dispose the trash everyday

Do not let the trash stay in your home. Discard it daily and keep your home clean and foul odor free.

The daily maintenance of your home only seems to be an overwhelming task. But once you incorporate it in your daily life you will find that your home run more smoothly and perfectly.

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