Tips For Emergency Cleaning

Imagine the following situation: an old friend gives you a phone call, telling you he is in the neighborhood and will come by to see you. You have 15 minutes to react and give your home a decent look. Do not worry, follow these 8 steps and your home will shine (or at least at first glance)

Odors Out
Spray your favorite air freshener eliminate odor. Pay special attention to the area around the garbage. Run air conditioning, fan or open window to let in some fresh air. Put something delicious in the oven – for example, frozen sweet dough. Not only that your home will smell great, but also you will have a treat for your guest.

Mess Control
Nothing makes a house look as uninviting mess. Gather everything in a bag and store it while guests leave.

Refresh Yourself
Look in the mirror – your look is very important. Guests will watch you more than your home. So freshen up fast – change clothes, brush your teeth, comb your hair.

Living Room
This is the room where you will meet your guests. After working out the mess, dust the furniture and do some vacuuming.

Throw away any towels and dirty clothes in the washing machine. Put the cleaning detergent in the cabinet. Wipe and polish the mirror and the space around the sink quickly. Make sure the soap dispenser is full, the towels are clean and the garbage thrown away.

Entrance Hall
The first thing your guests see is the entrance. Arrange the hanged clothes and wipe the floor.

If you have several minutes, load the dishwasher and clean the sink. Clean the kitchen work surface.

Other parts of your home
If your guests have not arrived yet, focus on the room where the guests will be – fix decoration cushions on the sofa, stack magazines and books, and if you have not managed to run a vacuum cleaner – do it now.

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