How to keep the children room beautiful

There are lots of things to be followed for keeping this room clean as these are used by the naughty children.

1. The things used in this room can be in multiple colours instead of the same simple colour. The dark colours can be avoided in multiple colours.

2. Maintaining calm is essential for this room because the continuous loud noises and the unequal frequency sounds will disturb the sleeping children easily.

3.The rubbishes should not be in this room and the things used in this room should be cleaned as soon as possible. Remove the unwanted things from the room instantly.

4.Keep an eye below the bed of the child and the place where the playing things of the child.

5.The toilet must be away from the bed.

6.Help the children to study by placing the studying table with table lamp. 
7.Color the wall with the color liked by the children most. 

8.Avoid using plain white color. It will make the children getting scared and acting with panic. Replace the wall color with sandal or violate or light green.

9.Avoid placing the pictures of the wild animals which will stimulate the violence in the children’s mind. 

10.Use the game equipment that are made with high quality plastics.

Tips for maintaining clean bath room and toilet

These rooms should be compact and well equipped with lot of facilities. The used soaps, shampoos and other cosmetic objects should be removed from the bath room. The door of these rooms should be close always.

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