BabyChakra Safety Kit – 200 ml (Pack of 3) Natural Foaming Hand Wash + Pure Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer + Natural Non Foaming Fruit, Veggies and Toys Wash Cleanser

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India’s 1st Baby Safe Products

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COCONUT BASED CLEANSERS : COCONUT BASED natural CLEANSERS ensure gentle cleansing for your child’s frequent use. Keep your hands moisturized in all season ALOE VERA: ALOE VERA soothes sensitive and delicate baby and child skin.BabyChakra Home Fruit, Veggie and Toys wash ingredients: -ALOE VERA: Aloe vera soothes sensitive and delicate baby and child skin. -LEMON & MANGO EXTRACTS: Naturally Mango & Lemon are natural cleansers MANGO: We ensure real MANGO flavours Keep the ingredient fun and exciting for your child to use again and again. Coconut Based oil – cleanser, especially gentle on Indian baby’s skin. Nourishes the baby’s skin and creates a protective barrier till the next wash. -Tulsi Extract – antimicrobial agent helps fight against harmful germs -Plant Based Softeners (Vegetable Glycerin) – Odourless, locks moisture and soothe out inflamed and wounded skin -Organic Salt Base anti- microbacterial – reduces inflammation and promotes blood circulation


BabyChakra Baby Safety Kit combines of 3 products: -BabyChakra Pure Handwash -BabyChakra Pure Hand Sanitizer -BabyChakra Home Fruit, Veggie and Toys Wash India’s 1st Baby Safe, 0% alcohol, 100% naturally derived hand sanitizer combined with BabyChakra’s Pure Handwash and BabyChakra’s Home Fruit, Veggie and Toys Wash forms for the perfect baby safety kit.

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