5 Simple Kitchen Cleaning Tips

by hangoverhelpmate

Do you ever feel that each time you cook, you finish up with an enormous mess in your kitchen? Oil spills on countertops, food splatters on cooktop and tiles, spots on the ground, rust and stains on the sink, and tons more – you’ve got to affect everything after cooking your big meal. Well, this seems challenging and time-consuming too.
Fortunately, there are some simple yet effective kitchen cleaning tips and tricks that would make your life easier. you’ll try the subsequent hacks to get rid of dust, yeast, bacteria, spots, and stains from your kitchen surfaces.
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In case you’re cleaning the kitchen yourself, then consider the five simple and funky tips mentioned below during this blog post.

  1. Remove Build-up Stains from Countertop using peroxide
    Hydrogen Peroxide works amazingly because it’s good for removing coffee spills, juice stains, and other spots when mixed with water.
    You can pour a little amount of peroxide on contaminated countertops and leave it for 10 to fifteen minutes. Then rub the stains gently with a scrubber and wipe it with a neat and clean damped cloth.
    Tip: A stone countertop is delicate so confirm you scrub the stains with gentle hands.
  2. Clean and Sanitise Oven using Homemade cleaners
    From baking delicious cakes and puddings to preparing last-minute dinner, the oven is one among those go-to appliances within the kitchen which will satisfy all our hunger pangs.
    Unfortunately, it’s one of the foremost used items within the house that’s often sidelined when it involves thorough oven cleaning.
    Built-up oil stains, small food residual, grime, grease, and dirt – all create a grungy and smelly oven which may breed thousands of harmful bacteria and germs.
    In order to kill these germs, you would like to interact in an efficient and eco-friendly cleaning process. Fortunately, some ingredients available in every kitchen can work as an excellent oven cleaning solution, and therefore the better part is that they’re safe for both your kids and pets. All you would like is:

    Baking Soda and white distilled vinegar.
    Make a skinny paste of bicarbonate of soda using water.
    Cover the surface, walls, and door of your oven with this paste and leave it for an hour. bicarbonate of soda cuts away the grime and grease and simplifies the further process.
    Pour vinegar in an empty spray bottle and spray it over the oven surface (coated with baking soda). this enables the paste to return off during a breeze.
    Wipe out the whole oven with a clean microfiber cloth.
    Now your oven is clean and germ-free.

    Lemon: Deodorise your Oven without using chemicals
    Take a lemon and cut it into two pieces.
    Add water during a microwaveable bowl
    Squeeze the lemon within the water and put the lemon peels within the bowl too.
    Put the bowl within the oven on the highest heat for two to three minutes.
    Leave it for an additional 5 minutes to permit the steam to kill bad odors.
    Wipe the oven with a clean cloth.
  3. Clean the Tile floors Using bicarbonate of soda
    Do you have any simple trick to interrupt down the dust and dirt from tile floors or a backsplash? If your answer is not any, then have a glance at this super-easy tile cleaning hack:
    Mix bicarbonate of soda in predicament and put them in an empty bottle.
    Pour a half-cup of cleaning solution into two liters of water and drench the mop or sponge into the mixture.
    Then scrub the affected areas with a mop or sponge to bring back the shine of your kitchen tiles.
  4. Get obviate Water Stains and Bad Odours from Sink
    Are you annoyed thanks to water stains on your kitchen sink? Experiencing bad odors from the sink? to not Worry! We bring you an incredible cleaning tick which will make it easier for you to wash your sinks, taps, and clogged pipes in seconds.
    Take a cleaning cloth and soak it in white vinegar.
    Wrap the material around the affected area or tap of a sink.
    Leave it for an hour.
    Add vinegar again to stay the material wet. White distilled vinegar also removes calcium deposits and also helps you remove water stains with ease.
    Remove the material and wipe down the world with a clean cloth.
  5. Clean Wall Splatters
    Do you know that there are only two sorts of stains on painted walls? The first one is oil spills and therefore the second stain is waterborne. To remove waterborne stains, like ketchup, mustard, wine, coffee spills, take a wet cloth or towel, and wipe off gently. Use white vinegar to affect tough stains. For oily stain, grease, and dirt, use a mix of mild dishwashing powder and water. Rub the stains then rinse with water. This method is effective and employed by many professional cleaners in Hangover Helpmate.

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